Repertoire for Flute and Clarinet

Titles in red have been recorded by the Scott/Garrison Duo on the CDs, Barn Dances, ChimeraPerennials, and Rough Wind/Smooth Wind. Click on links for audio samples.

Original Works for Flute and Clarinet

  • Addison, John, Five Dialogues (on Barn Dances)
  • Bennett, Robert Russell, Suite (on Barn Dances)
  • Cartan, Jean, Sonatine (on Barn Dances)
  • Carter, Elliott, Esprit rude/esprit doux (on Rough Wind/Smooth Wind)
  • David, Thomas Christian, Sonata
  • Dickow, Robert, Four Little Duos (on Barn Dances)
  • Dorff, Daniel, Andante con Variazioni (on Perennials)
  • Dorff, Daniel, Dances and Canons (on Perennials)
  • Dorff, Daniel, Three Little Waltzes (on Perennials)
  • Dorff, Daniel, Three Romances (on Perennials)
  • Dorff, Daniel, Two Cats (on Perennials)
  • Dorff, Daniel, Zoe and Xena for piccolo and bass clarinet (2015, commissioned by the Scott/Garrison Duo, on Chimera)
  • Edelson, Edward, Kabuki
  • Folio, Cynthia, Developing Hues (flute and bass clarinet)
  • Froom, David, Circling
  • Gottschalk, Arthur, Sonatina Casada
  • Gould, Morton, Duo
  • Gross, Murray, Folie à deux
  • Jolivet, André, Sonatine
  • Koechlin, Charles, Suite Modale
  • Kummer, G., Two Duets, op. 46
  • Kupferman, Meyer, Four Constellations (on Rough Wind/Smooth Wind)
  • Lewin, Gordon, Caribbean Sketches
  • Lewin, Gordon, Three Latin-American Impressions
  • Liptak, David, Duo for Flute and Clarinet (1979)
  • Mandat, Eric P., Togetherness (2017, commissioned by the Scott/Garrison Duo; on Rough Wind/Smooth Wind)
  • Nixon, Roger, Four Duos (fl, cl)
  • Nixon, Roger, Two Duos for piccolo and E-flat clarinet (on Barn Dances)
  • Parker, Philip, Games
  • Rivier, Jean, Duo
  • Rutter, John, Three American Miniatures
  • Scelsi, Giacinto, Ko-Lho
  • Sollberger, Harvey, To the Spirit Unappeased and Peregrine for flute/piccolo and clarinet/bass clarinet (on Chimera)
  • Sternfeld-Dunn, Aleksander, Swarm (commissioned by the Scott/Garrison Duo; recorded on Fireworks)
  • Villa-Lobos, Heitor, Chôros No. 2 
  • Welcher, Dan, Reversible Jackets: Exercises in Conjugal Counterpoint (on Barn Dances)
  • Wykes, Robert, Three Facets of Friendship (on Barn Dances)
  • Wyttenbach, Jürg, Serenade (on Barn Dances)

Arrangements for Flute and Clarinet

  • Arlen, Somewhere Over the Rainbow
  • Ashman & Menken, Beauty and the Beast 
  • Bach, J.S. Air from Second French Suite
    Bourrée II from First
    English Suite
    Prelude No. 5
    Prelude No. 6
    Two-Part Invention No. 8
  • Bach/Dorff, A Treasury of Bach Duets (on Perennials)
  • Bach/Gounod, Ave Maria (Prelude No. 1 from The Well-Tempered Klavier, Book I)
  • Bach, W.F., Gigue
  • Bartok, Béla, Peasant Songs and Dances Nos. 1, 2, 4, 8 
  • Beethoven, Ludwig van, Three Duets (orig. cl and bassoon)
  • Bizet, Georges March from Carmen (picc, E-flat cl)
    Entr’acte from Carmen
  • Couperin, François, Le Tic-Toc, ou les Mamotins (picc, E-flat cl)
  • Elfman, Danny, Theme from “The Simpsons”
  • Ellington, Duke, Songs “Take the A Train”
    “Don’t Get Around Much Anymore”
    “Satin Doll”
  • Garner, “Misty”
  • Garrison, Medley of TV Themes 
  • Gounod, “Funeral March of a Marionette” (picc, cl)
  • Grofe, “On the Trail” from Grand Canyon Suite (picc, bs cl)
  • Handel, G. F., “Allegro” from Flute Sonata in E Minor
  • Jobim, “Girl from Ipanema” (alto fl, cl)
  • Joplin, Scott, Rags “Original Rag”
  • Kern, Jerome, Songs “Smoke Gets in Your Eyes”
    “Pick Yourself Up”
  • di Lasso, Orlando, Two Fantasias
  • Lennon/McCartney, “Yesterday”
  • Lewis, Morgan, “How High the Moon”
  • Maganini, Quinto, “The Boa-Constrictor and the Bobolink” (picc, bs cl )
  • Mendelssohn, Felix, “On Wings of Song”
  • Mozart, W.A. Andante and Menuet from Sonata for Violin and Piano, K. 377
    Duo, KV 423 (orig. violin and viola)
    Theme and Variations from Duo, KV 424 (orig. violin and viola)
    arias and ensembles from The Magic Flute, The Marriage of Figaro, and Don Giovanni
  • Mozart/Dorff, A Treasury of Mozart Duets
  • Muczynski, Robert, Duos, op. 24 (arr. by the composer)
  • Mussorgsky, Modeste, “Ballet of the Chicks” from Pictures at an Exhibition
  • Nielsen, Carl, Two Duets, op. 53 (from piano pieces)
  • Offenbach, Jacques, “Can-Can” from Orpheus in the Underworld
  • Prokofiev, Sergei, Peter and the Wolf (cat and bird)
  • Rachmaninoff, Sergei, “Vocalise”
  • Rameau, J.P., “La Joyeuse”
  • Rogers/Hart, “My Funny Valentine”
  • Rossini, Giacchino Overture to William Tell
    Overture to The Barber of Seville
    “Ecco ridente” from The Barber of Seville
  • Saint-Saëns,Camille, Carnival of the Animals Aquarium (alto fl, cl)
    The Swan (fl, bs cl)
    Volière (fl, cl)
  • Satie, Eric, Gymnopédie No. 1
  • Shostakovich, Dmitri, “The Mechanical Doll”
  • Sousa, J.P. “Liberty Bell” March
    “Stars and Stripes Forever” March (picc, cl)
  • Tchaikowski, “March of the Tin Soldiers”
  • Telemann, G.P., “Allegro” from Sonata in F Major
  • Theilmans/Gimbel, “Bluesette” (alto fl, cl)
  • various composers, Christmas carols
  • various composers, children’s songs

Works for Flute, Clarinet, and Piano

  • Al-Zand, Karim, Four Fables
  • Bermel, Derek, Twin Trio (2006, commissioned by the Flute/Clarinet Duos Consoritum, on Chimera)
  • Bizet, Georges, Jeux d’enfants (arr. Webster)
  • Brahms, Johannes, Hungarian Dance Suite No. 1 (arr. Webster)
  • Brownlow, Robert, Bric-a-brac (on Rough Wind/Smooth Wind)
  • Cavallini, Ernesto, Rêverie russe
  • Coleman, Valerie, Portraits of Langston (commissioned by the Flute/Clarinet Duos Consortium)
  • Connesson, Guillaume, Techno-parade 
  • Danzi, Franz, Sinfonia Concertante, op. 41 (orig. for fl, cl, orchestra)
  • Debussy, Claude, Petite Suite (arr. Webster)
  • Debussy, Claude, Prélude à l’après-midi d’un faune (arr. Webster)
  • Dorff, Daniel, Perennials (on Perennials)
  • Dvořák, Antonin, Slavonic Dance Suite No. 1 (arr. Webster)
  • Earnest, John David, Chimera Dances (written for the Scott/Garrison Duo, 2016, on Chimera)
  • Emmanuel, Maurice, Sonata
  • Fauré, Gabriel, Dolly Suite (arr. Michael Webster)
  • Gross, Murray, Las Calles de Buenos Aires (on Chimera)
  • Heinrichs, William, Trio for Seven Instruments (flute, piccolo, alto flute, clarinet, E-flat clarinet, bass clarinet, and piano, commissioned and premiered by The Scott/Garrison Duo)
  • Ibert, Jacques, Aria 
  • Jalbert, Pierre, Triple Set (2016, commissioned by the Flute/Clarinet Duos Consortium; on Rough Wind/Smooth Wind)
  • Larsen, Libby, Barn Dances (2001, commissioned by the Flute/Clarinet Duos Consortium, on Barn Dances)
  • Saint-Saëns, Camille,Tarantella, op. 6 
  • Schoenfeld, Paul, Sonatina (on Chimera)
  • Shostakovich, Dmitri, Four Waltzes
  • Still, William Grant, Miniatures (orig. fl, ob, pno)
  • Tchaikowsky, “Bluebird Pas de Quatre” from Sleeping Beauty (arr. Garrison)
  • Webster, Michael, Carmen Rhapsody: based on themes from Bizet’s Carmen
  • Webster, Michael, Magic Flute Fantasy: based on themes from Mozart’s Magic Flute 
  • Wilder, Alec, Suite for Flute, Clarinet, and Piano (on Rough Wind/Smooth Wind)
  • Zare, Roger, Zodiacal Light (2008, commissioned by the Flute/Clarinet Duos Consortium)

Works for Flute, Clarinet, and Other Instruments

  • Bimstein, Phillip Kent, Half Moon at Checkerboard Mesa for flute, clarinet, and recorded sounds (1997)
  • Blank, Allan, Four Poems by Emily Dickinson (soprano, fl, cl)
  • Carter, Elliott, Esprit rude/esprit doux II (fl, cl, marimba; on Rough Wind/Smooth Wind)
  • Copland, Aaron, As It Fell Upon a Day (soprano, fl, cl)
  • Walton, William, “Mariner Man” from Façade (narrator, fl, cl)